Toon & utility companies

Toon currently partners with Eneco and Viesgo to make homes more comfortable around Europe. To find out who Quby's additional partners are, visit Quby's website



Eneco is a major Dutch energy provider with over two million customers. As our launching partner, they have helped Toon reach hundreds of thousands of households across the Netherlands. Eneco fueled our journey in smart energy.
But Eneco profited as well; Toon took their customer relationships to a whole new level. Their customer interactions went from an annual six-minute transaction to daily positive interactions. On top of that, their churn rate lowered by 60% and their NPS (Net Promoter Score) increased by 30 points.

 “Toon isn’t just helping us be more innovative, they are helping us evolve our business, helping us forge real relationships with our customers.” 
– Erik van Engelen, Managing Director Consumer Market, Eneco.

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We launched Toon in Spain in October 2017 with Viesgo, now named Repsol. This innovative utility company focuses on delivering quality services and customer satisfaction. Repsol believes Toon provides a unique value: it increases customer loyalty and paves the way for future innovations. 

 “We are pleased to offer a great new solution to our customers. With this partnership, we pursue the objective of helping our customers be more efficient as well as helping them connect to the future.”
– Javier Anzola, General Director of Liberalized Markets, Repsol.

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