Toon’s smart platform connects people, companies and developers. Together, they can make lives easier, smarter and more comfortable. Here are some of their stories.


Toon & utility companies

Utility companies across Europe enjoy the competitive edge Toon gives them. Since our first partnership with Eneco, we have gone into business with Engie Electrabel as Boxx, and Viesgo.

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Toon & third party manufacturers

Toon functions as a smart hub. Add your smart home device to Toon’s ecosystem and get connected. Parties already working with Toon are Philips, Fibaro and Triggi.


Toon & API

Toon invites developers across the world to develop new and exciting features for our technology platform using the Toon API. Everyone, whether you’re an individual developer or a corporate partner, is welcome to create new services using existing Toon data and functionalities.


Toon & you

Our partners grow and learn alongside us. Interested in providing your company with this unique opportunity?