Forbes Article - how to save the planet through better user interface design

In the most recent IPCC report, the conclusion stands that a rise of over 1.5 degrees of average global temperature will have dramatic consequences for humans and natural systems. The report, however, points to the challenge society faces in how we can change behaviour globally, in order to prevent further climate change. Forbes discusses the potential of user interface design for changing behaviour and decreasing environmental impact in an article that asks the question: ‘how much of the answer to improving our environmental impact lies not in advanced technological wizardry, but by making more straightforward improvements to user interface design?’. The article features Dr. Stephen Galsworthy, Quby's Head of Data Science.

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Quby Brand and Marketing
How we completely revamped our end-of-the-year review using Liberating Structures

Endless meetings but no action with feedback sessions that are stifled and lead by overbearing managers. Employees that struggle to be heard beyond the boundaries of their team, frustrated about performance reviews. Sometimes afraid to speak their mind because they are unsure if anything will be done about it. Does this sound familiar? Then keep reading, because we are about to open a book on Liberating Structures and how Quby used the structures for improving and reflecting on the end-of -year review process.

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How we Nailed it!

Under the LEAN motto “Nail it, then scale it”, several Qubists organized a one-day event that brought together a team of professionals from different disciplines to work on a challenging target.

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