Meet our latest innovations

Waste Checker finds out which of your appliances are the biggest energy wasters and gives you tips on how to make your home more efficient.

Boiler Check alerts you when your boiler is malfunctioning or due for a check-up, so you can prevent it from breaking down and leaving you in the cold.

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Put your customers in charge

Make a difference in your customers’ lives by adding valuable services to those you already offer. Toon can help you put your customers in charge of their energy consumption, heating and smart devices. What does that do for your business?

– A great dialogue with your customers – with an equally great NPS
– Impressive churn rate drops
– Positive daily customer interactions


Works with Toon

Toon is growing. With the help of talented developers and partners, we can offer more and more valuable services. Check out what products already connect to Toon thanks to our open API. Or join us, by visiting our developer portal.