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What we kept

With Toon’s thermostat function, Toon welcomes you into a warm and comfortable home. Set the temperature manually or use Toon’s smart programming functions: Away, Home, Comfort and Sleep. Create your schedule based on your weekly routine. Want to feel snug at night? Or nippy in the morning? You decide.


What we changed

Toon tells you exactly how much energy you use every day, week or month. Find out what appliances are energy wasters and how to make your home more efficient. Get advice on boiler maintenance and service. And compare your own energy consumption with similar households, to see how you're doing.


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Toon’s insights enable you to save on your energy bills. And with Toon’s newest services, you’ll know exactly how much of your monthly energy you’ve already consumed. Toon even predicts how your monthly consumption will impact your annual bill.