Empowering people through smart energy

Toon’s technology saves people time and money by providing real time insight into their energy consumption.

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Find out more

Engaged, enthusiastic, energy-saving customers

  • Toon transforms your customer relationships from sending an annual bill into positive daily interaction.
  • Creates an ecosystem for energy management services resulting in new revenue streams.
  • Offers a stepping stone to new markets like security, safety and health to future-proof your business.
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More than a smart thermostat

  • Clear, detailed energy insights into energy use, past and present.
  • Programmable temperature schedules for comfort and convenience.
  • Connects and manages other smart devices.
  • Provides real time weather and traffic information.
  • Phone and tablet apps available to control Toon away from home.
  • Benchmark function for comparing energy use with friends and family.
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Working together for a smarter future

As technology evolves, we partner with utility companies, third party manufacturers and independent developers all over the world to ensure we keep on delivering the best possible products in energy for everyone.

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“With Toon’s years of technology expertise, we’ve managed to successfully engage our customers by unlocking the smart home domain and incorporating it into our energy business.”

— Erik van Engelen, Managing Director Consumer Market Eneco

Become a partner

We commit to long-term partnerships with energy utility and technology partners in which both sides grow and learn alongside each other.

After establishing successful partnerships in the Netherlands and Belgium, we’re now looking for new partners in Europe to join us in our journey of international expansion. Interested? Please get in touch below.

Some of the partners we already work with

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